Jana Stiles

Drawing and painting have been comforting and have provided solace to me since childhood. The process nourishes me as nothing else does. Studying with various academic instructors and university professors I was left with a hunger for more serious art training and feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to study at the Atelier of Paul Ingbretson’s School of Painting and Drawing in Manchester, NH. Paul is one of the very few master teachers who carry on the lineage of the Boston School Painters. From Sargent to Tarbell, Wm Paxton, Frank Benson, the Hale’s, Gerome, Velasquez, and JL David the influence of combining the best techniques of color and immediacy of the Impressionists with the skill and accuracy in rendering from the Old Masters and Classical Representational Art is what these painters bring to an unparalleled level of contemporary fine art that will stand the test of time.

In addition to the skills and practice of drawing and painting I have a fascination with the Creative Process itself, what influences seeing and translating visual impressions onto 2-dimensional surfaces, what internal barriers prevent progress, and how we as humans tend to talk to ourselves while being creative. With a background in Humanistic Psychology and decades of providing professional Health Coaching, I am skilled at helping people move past unhealthy patterns by supporting what is most natural and positive about their unique process. I enjoy setting a warm and supportive atmosphere when I facilitate any form of adult learning. It just works faster and better for everyone!

Examples of My Work:

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