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2019 Exhibition Guidelines

2019 Exhibition Schedule

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Upcoming Change of Show Dates

Got Art? Fundraiser (9/24-9/27)

Mon, September 23 – Change of Show from 10am to 12pm (Drop-off for donations only)

October- Featured Artist: Bill Bogle (10/1 – 10/26)

Mon, September 30 – Change of Show from 10am to 12pm (Drop-off only)

HHI Library Satellite Exhibit (Open to all 2D artists)

Mon, September 30 – CHange of Show from 10am to 12pm (Drop-off only)

How to Apply:

The application for 2021 will be available in May 2020.

Who Can Apply:
You must be an ALHH Exhibiting Member with a high-quality, cohesive body of work. You can apply to exhibit alone or with other artists who share similar ideas and/or styles.

When to Apply:
The 2021 application will be available May 2020.

Questions about becoming an Exhibiting or Featured Artist?
Contact: Kristin Griffis, Gallery Assistant
Phone: 843.681.5060 Email:gallery@artleaguehhi.org