Judith Blahut

JUDY BLAHUT’S paintings are a lyrical expression of natural forms and environments. They are an invitation to reimagine nature through fracturing, color, and exploration of a subject.

Using acrylic paints and charcoal, Judy’s color palette is a direct reflection of her environment. She has always been inspired by nature and her life experiences. Her studio is situated alongside a salt marsh with a tidal creek running through it. Marsh grasses, live oaks, birds, water, shells, and sand all contribute to her themes and palettes.

Judy has been a painter nearly her entire life. She is formally trained in painting, with a BFA from Syracuse University. Her fortunate and full life has given her many opportunities for using her creativity and artistic abilities. Her work has been influenced by the natural environments and experiences she has had living in various parts of the United States, as well as abroad in Sao Paulo Brazil. She has had numerous professional experiences: art teacher, Montessori teacher, head of school, college faculty member and mother. Her passion has always been painting. Judy says, “My paintings are an extension of my emotional and physical life. They are the most authentic part of me”.

Judy is a member of Art League of Hilton Head and Pluff Mudd Art Gallery.

Website: judyblahutstudios.com
Instagram: @judyblahutstudios.com

Examples of My Work:

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