Art League of Hilton Head, founded in 1972 by Walter Greer, is a nonprofit visual arts organization that provides a platform for artists of all levels to showcase their skills, inspire others, and learn from professional art educators. Our mission is to promote the visual arts in Hilton Head Island and encourage community engagement through our synergistic art gallery and teaching academy.

Our art academy offers a variety of art classes and workshops taught by experienced art educators, catering to artists and students of all skill levels, including true beginners. Whether you are interested in painting, drawing, ceramics, or any other media, our academy has something for everyone.

By joining the Art League of Hilton Head, you will become part of a vibrant community of artists and art enthusiasts who share your passion for creativity and art. Our beautiful art gallery also provides an opportunity for artists to exhibit their work and connect with art lovers in the community.

We take pride in being the oldest nonprofit visual arts organization on Hilton Head Island, and we are committed to promoting the visual arts and making them accessible to everyone. Join us today and explore your creativity with the Art League of Hilton Head.

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