Andrea Smith

ANDREA SMITH is a designer and an artist by trade and entrepreneur by day. You’ll find Andrea freelancing, painting, or building her product line, 7th & Palm. She primarily works from home in her studio on the coast, connecting virtually with others around the country.

Andrea strategically chooses a few projects at a time in order to fully commit to quality, detail-oriented work. Whether she and her clients tackle a project together, or you support the 7th & Palm brand with your purchase, you’re also supporting the time and resources she gives away. Andrea values volunteering and supporting organizations in her community and beyond that are working really hard to change the world for good.


“Andrea is an extremely creative, detail-oriented, and talented designer. She thrives in both self-directed and team situations, and she’s able to think both strategically and execute tactically. I’ve found that combination to be rare in designers, and it makes her a tremendous asset at a time when print and digital design are colliding.”
– Jeffrey K. Rohrs, Chief Marketing Officer, Yext

“Her amazing design abilities and keen eye for up-and-coming trends are only matched by her great project and task management.”
– Holly Rushton, Manager, Salesforce Industries

“More than just a graphic designer, she brings a unique blend of skills to the table — she is simultaneously creative and process-oriented, efficient, innovative, and unfailingly positive. No matter how much I ask of her, she always manages to deliver more than expected.” 
– Jennifer Ribble, Senior Manager, Content Marketing & PR, Return Path

”Andrea demonstrates not only exemplary design skills, but also a sharp understanding of the content creation process.”
– Lindsay Siovaila, Lead Solutions Developer, Solutions Engineering R+D, Salesforce

Examples of My Work: