Birdies for Charity is like a walk-a-thon, but instead of donating per mile, participants make a pledge for every birdie made at the RBC Heritage presented by Boeing. Donors have the flexibility to pay in advance or to be billed after the tournament, or they may make a one-time donation.

For example, in 2022, the professional golfers made 1,405 Birdies during the tournament. If 1,400 birdies are made during this year’s tournament, the pledges will look like this:
1 cent pledge = $14 total donation
5 cent pledge = $70 total donation
25 cent pledge = $350 total donation
50 cent pledge =$700 total donation
$1 pledge = $1400 total donation

On top of your donation, the Heritage Classic Foundation will contribute an extra 20% on top of your donation. Make the pledge to support Art League of Hilton Head by listing us as the benefactor of your donation.
All pledges must be made online before the last day of the tournament on April 16. Any pledges received after that date will not be processed. Money received after that date will be sent to the charity but not matched. You must have a valid email address to donate online.

To donate, simply go to HeritageClassicFoundation.com and donate now! Flat donations may be made by credit card or check. If you choose to make a per-birdie donation, the Heritage Classic Foundation will bill you after the tournament for the amount of your commitment.

You can also fill out a pledge form 2023 Birdies for Charity Pledge Form and return it to Art League Gallery or Academy.

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