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Kendra Natter

Photography is my greatest skill – something I know intimately and that I have developed diligently over thirteen years. At first, she just wanted to capture the beauty of everyday objects. She then slowly moved to macros, portraits, landscapes, and wildlife series of the Low Country. Kendra also loves images and scenes of what she photographs and compares the shots her camera captures to the feeling her heart evokes. Kendra’s art is constantly evolving as she learns more and more every day doing something she truly loves.

In her free time, Kendra does her own printing of Landscape & Nature, Family Portraits, Pets, Events, Photo Tours, Note Cards, Framing, Restoration of old photos or Scan old photos onto a flash drive for safekeeping. Kendra also teaches and enjoys sharing her experience and knowledge with other photographers.

Website: kendranatterphotography.com

Facebook under tripodcamera to view some of her work.

Examples of My Work:

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