ROBERT H. WAY has been learning his craft, producing his inspiring works of art, and teaching others for more than 40 years. Relying on the time honored and proven artistic principles of the masters, his work depicts a strong affinity for light, color, and dynamic composition. Robert and his students regularly win the highest awards in regional, national, and international juried art competitions. He developed much of his style of painting while working with Tom Blackwell, one of the original Photorealists, and utilizes the painting methods of his mentor Maxfield Parrish. His work has been exhibited in Boston, New York City, throughout New England, the United States, and Europe. Robert’s drawings and paintings reside in public and private collections worldwide.


Why does a well painted picture often lack the “punch” that would make it an award winner? Very often the problem is a weak composition. Rediscover the methods used by the ancient masters to design and compose their magnificent and enduring works of art. Learn a simplified, guaranteed approach to designing your own strong, well balanced, and beautifully composed work of art. Acquire the knowledge that will elevate your artwork to the dynamic levels you desire but may have had difficulty achieving. Whether you are a novice or an advanced artist, these timeless principles provide the certain advantage you need to achieve a greater degree of perfection in your artwork.

Norman Rockwell said of this approach to composition that, “Even a clumsy amateur with hands like ham bones could create a beautiful painting.” Emile Gruppe taught that, “You can take a good design, throw it on the floor, and it will look interesting no matter how it lands.” And, “A well designed picture will practically paint itself.”

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Examples of My Work:

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